Premier Weighing can supply and service all types of weighbridges.

There are  typically 3 types of weighbridges available:

In-Ground or Pit Weighbridge - The weighbridge is built level with road and can be constructed out of steel or concrete and are extremely robust. This was the standard design used for many years and still performs well as less of the structure is exposed to the elements.

Above Ground Weighbridge - The weighbridge is built above ground with a lead up ramp and can be constructed out of steel or concrete. They require less civil work making them cheaper than the in-ground weighbridge.

Portable or Re-Locatable - This weighbridge is popular due to it's portability. Can be more expensive to manufacture as additional support is required to complete the installation.



 Usually weight readings are recorded in a nearby office or control room, weighbridges can be linked to a PC which uses weighbridge software capable of printing tickets and advanced reporting features.

Premier Weighing can supply and service all types of weighbridges, we also offer a calibration service, our accredited agents will test your weighbridge and issue a compliant certificate.

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