Indicators / Loadcells

Indicators / Loadcells

WB-130 Indicator

Dual range

LCD display

ABS or stainless construction

PT600R Indicator

Large LCD display with bright LED backlighting to ensure easy reading in all lighting conditions

Siicon keypads with a precise soft-touch operation

R400 Series Indicators


Designed with both the installer and operator in mind and cover a wide range of applications

They are engineered, built to last and reliable

Simple set up

Operator friendly

PT9010 Loadcell

Designed for road and rail scales

Fully sealed tool steel loadcell

PT S Loadcell

S-Type loadcell

Capacity 50kg - 20tonne

R300 Series Indicators

Compact housing and versatile power supply options suitable for basic weighing through to OEM applications

Ideal for basic weight-control or level-control functions

LC 44 Indicator

Industrial weighing indicator

Easy to use

Designed for a wide range of applications

LCSB Shear Beam

The LCSB is a super precision general use loadcell

HPC Loadcell

The High Precision Compression loadcell is a state of the art measurement device

Purpose designed for road and rail weighbridges